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COPITS founder John Foley has participated in the planning and implementation of national crisis management exercises since 2007. The national crisis management exercises conducted every two years, the last time in November 2013, where the main theme was the implementation of major (simulated) IT and cyber attacks on vital societal functions and CII .


In addition, COPITS as Denmark's representative in the EU exercise leadership participated in the planning and implementation of the first European Cyber ​​Security Exercise ever, where all EU member states participated. COPITS also planned Cyber ​​Exercises in 2012 and 2014.


John Foley is the Danish representative in the EU's Network and Information System Platform (NISP) and has contributed to develop the EU's Cyber ​​Strategy and works in this forum to develop a common European awareness program, "Incident Response and Awareness Program."



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COPITS are specialists in IT security at a high level. We also put ourselves in being able to communicate technical concepts in an understandable way for our customers who are not necessarily experts in IT security.


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Does your company need advice for the preparation of contingency and security plans and the planning and implementation of IT and cyber security exercises?


COPITS advise and guide and can also produce the necessary documents and provide guidance in crisis management, including crisis communication in the event of cyber attacks. | Webmaster: Patrik Hemmingsen