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For the first time in february 2013 has the EU released a cyberstrategy that includes every state in the European union. The strategy takes care of the number and scope of theats and calls for cooperation across national borders.



Read the EU strategy here.

COPITS' opinion about the cyberstrategy


COPITS' founder, John Foley, has been involved in the writing of the EU's Cyber Security Stategy and as the EU representative in the Network and Information Security Platform (NISP) he is up to date on it- and cybersecurity latest news.


Denmark, as one of the few countries in EU, has not yet developed a cyberstrategy which complicates any coordinated danish actions.


The problems, attacks and challenges escalates from day to day and should be seen in a bigger perspektive from military, as well as a political, context. The danish military has, as of forsvarsaftalen from 30. November 2012, a part to play but in order for it to be effective more participants has to be involved, military as well as civilian.


A good place to start would, like many other countries, be to formulate a national strategy for cyber security, community key features and critical ICT infrastructure. This has unfortunately not happened yet, despite the increasing threats and the many alarming attacks. NATO, the EU, the USA and many other countries, which Denmark normally compares itself to has long since formulated multi-sectoral national strategies.


Therefore, it is even more important that the individual authority and the company itself takes care of its IT and cyber security. COPITS can help to find good and useful solutions for the individual organization.

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