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Do you have control of the security of your business critical IT systems?


One of COPITS core products is security testing of IT systems, networks and applications. We conducted numerous intrusion- and penetration tests of governmental and private systems.


COPITS using the latest testing methods and always deliver the highest quality. Our approach is to identify both new and known vulnerabilities. In addition to safety testing, we offer ongoing security scans.


All employees in COPITS are safety approved by both the Police and Military Intelligence Service and has all the necessary safety certifications.


Contingency plans


It can be very time consuming to comply with standards and to produce and maintain IT security, IT contingency plans, riskanalysis- and assessments, IT awareness campaigns, cyber security exercises etc.


COPITS will produce these products and can be contacted for a price offer.

Transition to ISO 27000


Should your company totally or partially comply with normal good practice and standards for information security and "IT governance", eg ISO27000, PCI DSS?


COPITS helps and advises public and private companies with IT risk management and to meet the safety requirements of ISO 27000 standard.


Should your business go from DS484 (the old standard) to ISO 270000, COPITS can assist your business step by step and at your own pace.



COPITS has extensive experience in planning and conducting cyber security exercises. In 2010 COPITS Danish representative in ENISA was the first who planned and carried out a cyber security exercise which had the participation of all EU member states.


EU cyber security exercises are now standard procedure and is repeated every second year in EU (ENISA).


Watch video about the planning of EU cyber security exercises.

This is why you should chose COPITS








  • With more than 100 private companies and governmental entities as clients COPITS is the leading consultation company in the formulation of IT and cyber strategies and implementation of cyber security exercises.


  • COPITS is ISO 27001 certified and has affiliates in Germany and the United States.


  • COPITS differs from traditional consultancies by closely following developments in IT security work internationally and nationally.


  • John Foley, founder and owner of COPITS, is the Danish representative in the EU's Network and Information Security Platform (NISP).


  • COPITS is involved in numerous fora which include dealing with IT and cyber security strategy in a security perspective.


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